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Jul 18 2011

A breath of fresh air

An orientation letter came from my new school this weekend. I opened it up and found wonderful things: A map of the neighborhood, letters from various leaders, and even some “homework.”
But my favorite thing was a line in the orientation schedule page: “Faculty Members will receive laptops for use while working at the school. You will not need to bring personal laptops to school during training.”
Not only do they realize that we need these laptops to do our jobs effectively, but they also realize that we will actually bring our own for fear that we don’t have the necessary tools to do their jobs.
It was like they said, “Hey, overachievers, you don’t have to lug your crap around Boston because we are ACTUALLY going to help you be PREPARED to educate our children.”
After 4 years of misery, this is definitely a…

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Jul 14 2011

Google Maps and hidden corridors

So I’m in Beantown this week searching for an apartment.  Let me tell you, I’ve always been the one who just signs on the dotted line.  My roommates (whom I will always love for this) normally put in the legwork and find the beautiful place we call home.  This time, my new roommate is working…

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Jul 11 2011

Big Changes

This girl has some big changes in sight. After 4 years at my placement school, I decided it was time for a change.  What did I want?  I wanted to work somewhere where everyone was on the same page.  Where I could get back to loving my work because everyone I work with honestly wants…

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